“Jesse Loewy is an amazing musician. It doesn’t do him justice to qualify that statement with talk of his age. He’s way beyond that. He’s a dedicated musician, conscious of the importance of the musicians he learns from, and respectful to his music and other musicians as well as to his audiences. His time, technique, and stage presence make his performances a pleasure to experience. I expect to be watching him for a long time.”


-David Bromberg




“16 yr. old Jesse Loewy is an extraordinary young man.  Not just musically mature but laser focused as to what he wants.  He wants to play guitar & play guitar he does.  He is a prodigy in every sense of the word.  It’s remarkable watching this young man lead, arrange & direct his band.  Just a joy to watch & experience.  With the right management you will be hearing about Jesse Loewy for a very long time.”


-Mark Diamond 




“The first time I met Jesse was at one of his gigs when he was about 11 or 12 years old. I got there about 20 minutes before he was to go on. He was at the jukebox and had a disappointed look on his face. When I introduced myself, I asked him what was wrong, his reply was “What kind of jukebox is this? There’s no Albert Collins or BB King on here!” Right then I knew that Jesse was an old soul trapped in a kid’s body. Fast forward 4-5 years and I’ve seen him progress so much as a musician and more importantly as a very special person. Humble. Brilliant…

With the support of his wonderful family, elder musicians especially: Lonnie Shields, Ben Singleton and the members of the Special Brew’d Band. He will continue to excel. Also, I’ve had the pleasure of jamming with him from time to time. Humbling, Brilliant…”


-Dave Jennings~Friend, fan and fellow musician